The at the K2019 Düsseldorf

Sustainability and plastics recycling – key topics at the largest trade fair for plastics processing

More than 230,000 visitors and 3,000 exhibitors look for answers to urgent questions about the circle economy and the recycling of old used plastics. GmbH, Görlitz exhibited a new process at the trade fair for plastics processing, which takes place every three years. For many exhibitors, the focus of the trade fair this year is the circle economy.

Ms. Barbara Meyer, Head of Department in the Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs and responsible for “Industry, SMEs and Innovation” visited a total of thirteen exhibitors from Saxony on October 21, 2019 at K2019 in Düsseldorf. Barbara Meyer was accompanied at the GmbH booth by Dr. Peter Homilius from the Saxony Economic Development Corporation, where they found out about the latest technologies in plastics recycling.

Manager Heinz Schnettler pointed out that the questions of sustainability and recycling for plastics are becoming a question of survival for everyday use, such as packaging. “Either we manage to create efficient and functional cycles during recycling, or the proportion of plastics in the packaging market will decrease. Innovation is required now, but the solutions also need to be economically viable. The costs of recycling will rise, but not without limits.

Barbara Meyer commented during the visit: “The company has recognized the challenges of the time. The commitment of the manager, Mr. Schnettler, to work toward sustainable and economical solutions in the recycling of plastics is notable. This is one of the reasons why we have been pleased to support the company’s activities with our funds in the past and look forward to future opportunities, especially with a view to innovations.

A focal point of the GmbH presentation were the machines which enable bottles from cosmetics and body care to be re-circulated through a new hot washing process. This means that the bottle material is freed from residual contaminants, such as adhesives and odors, to the extent that it can be used again for personal care products.