Thermal Drying

Thermal Drying

For further processing, the thermal drying system takes over the moisture reduction, especially of very thin films. A mixing of hot air and wet plastic in our centrifuge enables extensive drying. By using a heat exchanger, the combustion gases do not come into contact with the plastic. These so-called indirect hot air generators offer high fire safety.
Thermal Drying

Dry to the last detail

The clean plastic must be dried before further processing into new products. Even small amounts of moisture will overstrain the degassing systems during extrusion. With thick-walled plastics, drying is an easy task – but with films with their extremely large surfaces it is a challenge. Intensive mixing of hot air and wet plastic in our mixing centrifuge enables penetrating drying.

The thermal dryers of the are characterized by an intensive mixing of the hot air with the wet plastic. Radiation losses are minimized by thermal insulation of the machine surfaces. A continuous control of the temperature reduces the energy consumption. The thermal insulation of the hot surfaces of the dryer minimizes
heat losses. Since the inside of the heat exchanger is made of heat resistant stainless steel, corrosion is avoided.


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