Separation – Zig-Zag Aspirator

Intelligent separation

High-quality recycling requires sorting of plastics by density. Density separation takes place in a hydrocyclone with 22 times the acceleration due to gravity. The process ensures a particularly high degree of separation efficiency and, as a result, a single-grade plastic.
Zig-Zag Aspirator

With ease for precise separation.

The separation of thin films from thick-walled regrind is a common task in plastics recycling.
A typical application is, for example, the removal of loose labels from PET when recycling beverage bottles. The thick PET particles are valuable. The labels must be removed.

In the zig-zag sifter, the air stream sucks the light labels upwards. The heavy regrind falls down. There is no easier way to separate plastics.

Additional advantage: The thick-walled regrind is dust-free, which is a great benefit for further processing.

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