Separation – Zig-Zag Separator

Smart separation

High-quality recycling requires precisely separated plastic parts. In addition to density separation, we also offer zig zag air separation. The bulk weight determines the separation. Plastics with a low bulk density are sucked upwards, while heavy ground material falls downwards. An easy and inexpensive way to separate.
Zig-Zag Separator

Precise separation with ease

The separation of thin foils from thick-walled plastic regrind is a common task in plastics recycling. Typical applications include for example removing loose labels from PET when recycling beverage bottles. The thick PET particles are valuable. The labels must go.

In the zig zag separator, light labels are pulled upwards with air flow while the heavy regrind falls down. There is no easier way to separate plastics from one another.

An additional advantage: the thick-walled regrind is dust-free, another great benefit for further processing.

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