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Downcycling is not the answer for a sustainable business. The future lies in closed-loop recycling. Investments in cost-efficient and sustainable recycling technology are the solution for maintaining a position in the market for the long-term.

Practical example: bottle2bottle recycling – a completely closed-loop system

Proven solution adapted to your challenges. Our welding engineers manufacture machine housings and steel construction at our German location in Görlitz according to country-specific standards. Wear-resistant steels extend service life and reduce maintenance times. With innovation and economic thinking, we develop durable solutions individually tailored to your needs.

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Our Mission

The future is sustainable

The needs of the customer are always the focus of our efforts. We want to inspire our customers by going the extra mile to find unique solutions for new tasks.

Every machine and every system that we put into operation contributes to a sustainable economy. We do our part to protect the environment and a world with raw materials for many generations to come.

Only those who manufacture quality products will be able to survive in the markets of the future. Our machines take waste and turn it into high-quality raw materials for new markets. Our systems function with high availability and are therefore cost-efficient.



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