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Who we are

Pla.to is a globally active machine manufacturer and plant engineering company. Our head office is located in Görlitz, Germany, where high quality mechanical design has a long-standing tradition. We are the market leader in systems for long lasting recycling equipment. Our systems are built to last using wear-resistant steel materials.

Our dry cleaners are our most successful products. These machines are built to the latest standards for the cost-efficient, environmentally friendly recycling of plastics.

The high quality of our products down to the smallest detail, their high availability and easy maintenance are the foundation of the relationship of confidence we have with our customers.

Our close collaboration with customers and the strong commitment of our employees allow us to make ongoing improvements to our products.

As an owner-operated company with direct decision-making paths and highly qualified staff, we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs. Feel free to call us or send us an email for more information.

Pla.to - Always there for you!